Thursday, 16 June 2011

Endnote Web

A couple of days ago I blogged about Mendeley but mentioned Endnote. A couple of people asked me about this so I thought I'd blog about Endnote too.

Endnote is a bibliographic software. What this means is that as you go hunting for papers on topics you can store the ones you find in one place and then, when you're ready to put the references into your essay or case report you can just insert the entire reference without having to type it into the document yourself. Believe me - this makes writing stuff a lot quicker.

Endnote comes in two formats - desktop and web version (

Anybody with a QMUL login can get access to Endnote Web for free ( This allows you to access all your references from any computer wired up to the net.

You can also choose to share some or all of your references with other people - perhaps those you are collaborating with when writing something up.

If you want the desktop version you will need to buy this. Students and staff can get this at a reduced price (see link above for where to get it). Otherwise buy online:

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