Tuesday, 11 December 2012

NHS OpenAthens access in the UK - yippee...perhaps

A couple of days ago I blogged about how hard it is to get access to journals without an institutional subscription, imagining that most general dental practitioners wouldn't have such access. Well, I learnt something today. If you work in the UK and are treating patients under an NHS contract it seems you may well be able to access at least some journals (though I've yet to find out how many).

It takes a little to work out but basically, even if you don't have an nhs or academic email address, if you have some form of professional email address (this can be one from where you work e.g. a practice email address) and/or a practice website get in touch with your local deanery administrator. If you let them also know your GDC number then this may help speed things along. If you don't have an academic or nhs email address it seems that trying to register automatically online will just result in you being rejected.

Good luck.

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